Well, I’m Raúl Esteve Jiménez and I’m 19 years old.

I’m a student of architecture at the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia.

I’m the type of person that has to be all day doing things. I cannot be without doing anything. I love everything related to sports that’s why I always take time just to do exercise. But If I have to choose one activity that describes me it would be traveling and trying new experiences.

Why do I choose Architecture? Well, that’s a very good question with a little long answer. It all started when I finish 1º of bach. At that time I chose to study biology and not technical drawing. But when I finished the course I realized that biology was not my thing. That’s why I signed up for an academy during the summer so that I could start technical drawing the following year at the level of my classmates. And thanks god I changed to technical drawing because I realized that I love it and honestly something I am quite good at.

Everything seems to be going very well until … the pre-registration for the university arrived and for various reasons I chose to study Teleco. Why? Well, I still ask myself. Is true that I focused a lot on high school and the exams of the PAU that I completely put aside what I wanted to study and when I realized it it was too late. So last year while I was studying Teleco I was also studying architecture. How? My father is a professor in the design career and he taught me several programs that we would use in architecture, among them Autocad.

And that’s my story of how I came to study architecture.