Frank Lloyd Wright designed it between 1934 and 1935 in the Bear Run nature reserve, Pennsylvania.

This house redefined the relationship between man, architecture, and nature.

It was built for Mr. Kaufmann and his family to spend there on weekends. The plot was from Kaufmann and when they commissioned Wright to design the house they had in mind to do it in front of the waterfall so they could appreciate it. But Wright designed the house above the waterfall to become a part of Kaufmann’s life.


One thing that catches my attention a lot is the way that the house adapts to the terrain. Is not a disruptive element. I know is a little bit strange to see a very big house in the middle of the forest above a waterfall, but when you see it you realized that terrain was «created» to build that house right there. Also, the materials of the house make it adapt better to the environment. Much of the house is made of rocks.

Another thing that makes me think a lot is how Wright had the idea of making that house there. Before building the house and design it, in that same place there was only a waterfall with trees around. How can Wright imagine the house there in his head when the only thing I could see was trees and a waterfall?. I know that that’s the work of an architect, but in my opinion, that was difficult to imagine. I hope to think otherwise in a few years.